Tegan And Sara – My Number chords

Okay so this version of 'My Number' is the one they played at Criminal Records 
here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OyaZvf2OBs&feature=player_embedded

Not exactly sure what the name of some of the chords are so I just called them whatever
they were closest to.
Capo 5th fret
Standard tuning


(Am)(G) (F)E|-0---0---0---------------|B|-1---0---1---------------|G|-2---0---0---------------|D|-2---0---2---------------|A|-0---2---3---------------|E|-0---3---3---------------|
Am GShowers pounding out a new beat
FI trade my old shoes for new feet
AmI grab a new seat
GI don't like the one I got
FThe fabric's wearing through
Am G FAnd it's wearing me out
Am G FYou're wearing me down
Am GWatching old baseball games
FAnd low budget telethons
Am GAin't like watching you yourself
FWhen you yourself is on
Am G FGot time to wander to waste and to whine
AmBut when it comes to you
G F Am G FIt seems like I just can't find the time
Am G FSo watch your head and then watch the ground
Am GIt's a silly time to learn to swim
FWhen you start to drown
Am GIt's a silly time to learn to swim
FOn the way down
(C) (F) (Am)(G)E|-0---0---0---0-----------|B|-1---1---1---0-----------|G|-2---0---2---0-----------|D|-3---2---2---0-----------|A|-X---3---0---2-----------|E|-X---3---0---3-----------|
C F AmIf I gave you my number
G FWould it still be the same
C FIf I saved you from drowning
Am G FPromise me you'll never go away
Am G FPromise me you'll always stay
VERSE 2: (Same as verse 1) Closed down the last local zoo I'm gonna win the endless war Over who kills the last koala bear And who in death will love him more and I He grabs me by the hand Drags me to the shore and says Maybe you don't love me But you'll grow to love me even more And I well I'm not surprised CHORUS
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