Tegan And Sara – Not With You tab

I was looking through this site and you happened to have no Tegan and Sara guitar tabs
or chords so I thought I'd contribute some to this site...Tegan and Sara are a pair of
AMAZING folk-rock twins from Calgary, AB...They're one  of the greatest live acks...so
here goes, my first guitar tab and teh very first Tegan and Sara tab on this website.

Album: This Business of Art (2000)

Tuning: Standard
Capo on 1st Fret

Em D C Ge |-------5----3------------|b |-------7----5------------|g |-------7----5------------|d |--2----7----5----5-------|a |--2----5----3----5-------|e |--0----5----3----3-------|
VERSE: Em D C I can't believe I've let you in and now here I am Em D C telling you that I'm suffocating in here Em D C just like the drugs you are keeping me Em D I felt shark teeth underneath my socks C before I lost much blood PRECHORUS 1: D C around this world will I be enough? CHORUS: G D from the liquor stores to the train stop floors C your filthy room your drama blues Em D C I am nothing if I'm not with you G D I'm always right always wrong C dressing bad is like loving you Em D C there is nothing I haven't worn D C nothing I haven't said before VERSE PRECHORUS 2: D C so you fake and you flaw for your cops and your cause D C it makes no difference to me it's love that you stole that you stole CHORUS BRIDGE: C so here I am (she sings many am's) D C around this world will I be enough CHORUS
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