Tegan And Sara - I Was Married tab

                         I WAS MARRIED  Tegan and Sara
Tabbed by: Steph
Email: cdashber@gmail.com

Standard Tuning

A(5) E(5) D(5)e|--x-----x-----x----------|B|--x-----x-----x----------|G|--x-----9-----7----------|D|--7-----9-----7----------|A|--7-----7-----5----------|E|--5-----x-----x----------|
A I married in the sun, (tell me where, tell me where) A E D against the stone of buildings built before A you and I were born. (start again, start again) A E D To my heart, confusion grows against. A The muscles fought so long (fought so long) to control against A E A E A E the pull of one magnet to another magnet to another magnet. A Now we look up in (tell me who, tell me who) A E D to the eyes of bullies breaking backs. A They seem so very tough. (it's a lie; it's a lie) A E D They seem so very scared of us. A I look into the mirror (look into) A E D for evil that just does not exist. A I don't see what they see. (tell them that; tell them that) A E Try to control the pull of one magnet A E to another magnet, A E to another magnet, A E to another magnet to another.
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