Tegan And Sara - Burn Your Life Down tab

I watched them live and i am almost positive that this is the way they play it. Yes it 
my first tab but i think i did very well with it, give it a try and please comment if 
is something wrong.


e|-5---------3---3------------|b|-7---0-----3---3------------|g|-7---0-----2---0------------|d|-5---5--0--2---2------------|a|-5---5--5------2------------|e| x---x--5-------------------|
Tell me that you know another way to get it done itís not me or how I would be:
e|-5------|b|-7---0--|g|-7---0--|d|-5---5--|a|-5---5--|e| x---x--|
you lay awake in the night just staring at the ceiling above:
e|-3---3------------|b|-3---3---0--------|g|-2---0---0--------|d|-2---2---5--------|a|-----2---5--------|e| --------x--------|
when you burn burn burn your life down:e|----------|b|-----0----|g|-----0----|d|-0---5----|a|-5---5----|e| 5---x----|
get me to the door out of bed on the track Iím not sure:e|-5------|b|-7---0--|g|-7---0--|d|-5---5--|a|-5---5--|e| x---x--|
you wake up in the night and refuse to be afraid of it now:
e|-3---3------------|b|-3---3---0--------|g|-2---0---0--------|d|-2---2---5--------|a|-----2---5--------|e| --------x--------|
and you burn burn burn your life down:
e|----------|b|-----0----|g|-----0----|d|-0---5----|a|-5---5----|e| 5---x----|
I travel around the block and Iím not looking to my right :
e|-5------|b|-7---0--|g|-7---0--|d|-5---5--|a|-5---5--|e| x---x--| play this till the end, end on
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