Teitur - I Run The Carousel chords

+ On the album he seems to play the C and G/B chords as indicated on the left.
  I included alternate fingerings in parenthesis on the right as an easier version
  (plus the transitions are smoother when you stay in one position on the neck).
+ The general pattern for picking in the verse is low-mid-high-mid.  He includes 
  variations throughout where he just plays low-high-low-high, such as F and Fsus2.
+ I'm not entirely certain that the low E string rings throughout all the chords
  in the chorus.  But without it, the chorus sounds kind of weak.  The ringing
  low E adds power, so I included it.
+ The dashes for the chords in the chorus are just to remind you to strum the
  chord once and then directly strum the next chord following the dash.  Listen
  to the song and you'll get the pattern.
+ After the second and third chorus there is a weird transition section.  It's hard
  to tell what exactly is going on here, but the overall harmony sounds like
  the indicated G#maj7 chord so just play around with that.

8xx98x : C (or x320xx)
755xxx : G/B (or x200xx)
133xxx : F5
355xxx : G5
1xx2xx : F
1xx0xx : Fsus2==============
07555x : C/E 06444x : B/E : Eb/E 09777x : D/E
08666x : Db/E==============
3554xx : G 2443xx : F# 5755xx : Am7 4644xx : G#m7 : Cm7 7977xx : Bm7
6866xx : Bbm7==============
4x5543 : G#maj7
(Intro)e---------- -----------------B-(8)------ -----------------G---------- -------0---------D----0---0- (x6) ---0-------0---0-A------7--- -----7---7---7---E--8------- -8---------------
C G/B I run the carousel
F5 G5 With horses and tinkerbell
C G/B F Fsus2Late night by the canal
C G/B You wouldn't notice me
F5 G5 I have a tendency
C G/B F Fsus2To blend with the music
C/EI run the carousel
B/E - C/E B/E - C/E Eb/E - D/E - Db/E - B/E - C/E B/E - C/E B/E - C/E Eb/E - D/E - Db/E - B/E
C G/B Children swirl around
F5 G5 Like drapes in a summertown
C G/B F Fsus2Husbands kindle their wives
C G/B Sometimes it tortures me
F5 G5 The envy and the jealousy
C G/B F Fsus2 But I never panic
C/EI run the carousel
B/E - C/E B/E - C/E B/E - C/E G F# - G F# - G F# - G
C/EI run the carousel
B/E - C/E B/E - C/E B/E - C/E G F# - G F# - G F# - G
Am7I run the carousel
G#m7 - Am7 G#m7 - Am7 Cm7 - Bm7 - Bbm7 - G#m7 - Am7 G#m7 - Am7 G#m7 - Am7 G#m7 - Am7 G#maj7
C G/B Sometimes when the birds fly over
F5 G5I look up, but I don't want to go nowhere
C G/B F Fsus2I got lives to save under the open
C G/B I live as a mystery man
F5 G5 And I sleep in a caravan
C G/B F Fsus2 And I love everybody
(Chorus: Same as the second chorus above) (Then transitions to G#maj7 section) (Followed by intro riff)
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