Telekinesis – Look To The East chords

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Artist: Telekinesis
Album:  Telekinesis!
Song:   “Look to the East”
tabber: John Baer (

Intro chords (power, dist.)

D, A, E, A, E, A, D(hit once)

Verse 1(power chords):
D AYoung scholar, young lovers
E A EUnto the east and what will I discover
A DUnto the west I could not love another
D AWalk in circles, get dizzy
E A EFall into the asphalts of the city
A DWaking up and everything is pretty
D (hit once) Then you call me...
A EAnd we talk long,
AGo back the way that time
EHere's how we're both drunk
A DJust something that we can not even speak of
A EAnd on the way home, did you hear me
A EI was thinking so hard, thought I was crazy
A DI know there's people looking at me funny
Chorus riff (whole thing twice):
D D/C#m B A (x2) G (x2) A (strum A few times)E------------------|-----------------|-----------------|B------------------|-----------------|-----------------|G-777777-77-77-7---|-----------------|-----------------|D-777777-77-77-7---|-5555-xx-5555----|-7---------------|A-555555-44-xx-x---|-5555-77-5555----|-7---------------|E-----------77-5---|-3333-33-3333----|-5---------------|
D D/C#m B AAnd in the dark I cannot seeee
D D/C#m B AEverything that's in front of me and
G (x2)All I know is what I don't know
G D (A (2nd time, hit once)And I don't wanna let you go, oh no
A(Repeat intro chords)
Verse 2 (same as first verse)
D APeople of London, where do you go
E A ETo sleep the windows, everyone know
D AWhen to stop and start and when to say no
E A EWe're always saying but, act different
D A We speak and spill and make each other's children
E A EWe work real hard to make a decent living
DSee the ocean...
A E ASee the mountains, we travel far and wide
EIn search of something,
A DBut in some cases something equals nothing
ADon't get discouraged, don't give up
E A EI know we'll make it through the really hard part
A DWhat keeps me sane is the thought of our love
Chorus (x4):
D D/C#m B AAnd in the dark I cannot seeee
D D/C#m B AEverything that's in front of me and
G All I know is what I don't know
GAnd I don't wanna let you go, oh no
(A on fourth time...) (End on D) -Cheers, and Buy “Telekinesis!” (John Baer)
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