Telekinesis - Imaginary Friend tab version 3

			     IMAGINARY FRIEND - Telekinesis
Tabbed by: elmatador13
Tuning: Standard

This is a great song, and its fun and easy to play. Enjoy.


B Gb A E e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---4------------------9----------------------------------------------------|D|---4-----4------7-----7----------------------------------------------------|A|---2-----4------7-----7----------------------------------------------------|E|---------2------5----------------------------------------------------------|
Intro: B Gb A E played 5 times (00:00 - 00:30)e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|------444---------999-444--------------------------------------------------|D|------444-444-777-999-444-444-77777777-------------------------------------| A|------222-444-777-777-222-444-77777777-------------------------------------|E|----------222-555---------222-55555555-------------------------------------|
Intro riff: played twice (played at 00:15 to 00:30 and later at 01:26 to 01:41) (those are 11s, not 1s.)e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---99-77------1111-99-77-99-99-77------77777777----------------------------| 2xA|---------9999---------------------9999-------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1: B Gb A E When I was young I had imaginary friends B Gb A and boy did we have fun B Gb A E One day my mother told me they were just pretend B Gb A and then I had no one B Gb A E Building castles out of dirty smelly sand B Gb A and baking in the sun B Gb A E Hear the sound of the pop-sicle man B Gb A and we'd run, run, run, run, run, run, run Chorus: E And My life is like a movie B everyone is going slow E There's a crazy cast of characters B none of which are real at all A E and I cannot feel you anymore E No, no, no, no, no Post-chorus: Chord Progression: played the same way as the intro chords Tab: same as intro tab Verse 2: (no chords played during this verse) In the summer, we will spend the night outside in the comfort of our own backyards Then we got older and we went our seperate ways and everything got hard Bridge: B Gb A E Look at me, I'm getting older B Gb A Look at me, I know B Gb A E Look at me, I'm getting older B Gb A Look at me, I know Thanks for checking out this tab. I will also be posting the solo/outro for this song soon. Thanks.
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