Television – Glory tab

The main riff is in D. It simply moves up to E, and down to A
for the chorus:

(Main riff in D):e-|-----------------------|B-|-----------------------|G-|-----2-----0-2-4-2---0-|D-|-0-0-----0---------0---|A-|-----------------------|E-|-----------------------|
Here's the structure of the whole song. The note at the start of each line indicates the note to start playing the main riff in. D riff * 4 for intro D I was out, stumblin' in the rain D Staring at your lips so red D You said "Blah blah blah D Got a pillow stuck in my head" E How could I argue with a mirror E She looked at me, yes I hear her A When I see the glory A I ain't got no worries A When I see the glory A I ain't got no worries D riff * 2 during 1st solo D said there's a halo on that truck D Won't you please get it for me? D I said of course my little swan D If ever and ever you adore me E She got mad, she set it too steep E Puts on her boxing gloves and went to sleep A When I see the glory A I ain't got no worries A When I see the glory A I ain't got no worries D riff * 4, E riff *2 during solo 2 A When I see the glory A I ain't got no worries (repeat loads of times to fade, with ad lib solo)
(Solo 1):e-|-------------------------------|-h3h4h5-2-----------|B-|-3-1--1h2h3-1- 1h2h3-1---1-3-1-|----------3-3-1---1-|G-|-----------------------2-------|----------------2---|D-|-------------------------------|--------------------|A-|-------------------------------|--------------------|E-|-------------------------------|--------------------|
(Solo 2):e-|-10-------------------------|B-|-------------10-12-10----10-|G-|----------11----------11----|D-|----12-12-------------------|A-|----------------------------|E-|----------------------------|
Please send me any corrections etc etc Later, John Howell
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