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>From: (John Howell)
>Subject: TAB: Glory by Television

One of my favourite songs, lovingly tabbed out to the best of my ability.
This is for Fred Hamilton, and the guy up in Glasgow who asked about
Television songs and who I don't think I managed to mail through to. Can
I put in a request for anyone to mail me any Television or Tom Verlaine
songs they have? I'm interested in sorting out some sort of archive of
his stuff. Anyway...

Glory by Television, from the album Adventure, the first song from
Television's second album.

The main riff is in D. It simply moves up to E, and down to A
for the chorus:

(Main riff in D):e-|-----------------------|B-|-----------------------|G-|-----2-----0-2-4-2---0-|D-|-0-0-----0---------0---|A-|-----------------------|E-|-----------------------|
Here's the structure of the whole song. The note at the start of each line indicates the note to start playing the main riff in. D riff * 4 for intro D I was out, stumblin' in the rain D Staring at your lips so red D You said "Blah blah blah D Got a pillow stuck in my head" E How could I argue with a mirror E She looked at me, yes I hear her A When I see the glory A I ain't got no worries A When I see the glory A I ain't got no worries D riff * 2 during 1st solo D said there's a halo on that truck D Won't you please get it for me? D I said of course my little swan D If ever and ever you adore me E She got mad, she set it too steep E Puts on her boxing gloves and went to sleep A When I see the glory A I ain't got no worries A When I see the glory A I ain't got no worries D riff * 4, E riff *2 during solo 2 A When I see the glory A I ain't got no worries (repeat loads of times to fade, with ad lib solo)
(Solo 1):e-|-------------------------------|-h3h4h5-2-----------|B-|-3-1--1h2h3-1- 1h2h3-1---1-3-1-|----------3-3-1---1-|G-|-----------------------2-------|----------------2---|D-|-------------------------------|--------------------|A-|-------------------------------|--------------------|E-|-------------------------------|--------------------|
(Solo 2):e-|-10-------------------------|B-|-------------10-12-10----10-|G-|----------11----------11----|D-|----12-12-------------------|A-|----------------------------|E-|----------------------------|
Please send me any corrections etc etc Later, John Howell aka
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