Ten Falls Forth - After School Special tab

Make Sure You Listen To The Song. I'm Only Posting What the tabs are not how many times do it. I'm pretty much positive this is how it goes.GUITAR 1e|-------------------|b|-------------------|g|-------------------|d|---8---------------| Done Twice In First Versea|---6------9-----11-|e|----------7------9-|
GUITAR 2(comes after this city is breathing tonight as we watch these city streets come to life)e|------------------------------------------------|b|------------------------------------------------|g|---------------- Begins Same Tabs As GUITAR 1-|d|---3/h4/h3--------------------------------------|a|---------4--------------------------------------|h6/h4e|------------------------------------------------|
CHORUSe|-------------------|b|-------------------|g|---------------4---|d|---4---4---0---4---|a|---4---4---0---2---|e|---2---1-----------|Verse Two Same As Verse One Except GUITAR 2 comes in after...and bombing hills to release aggresion, some lonely street begger is losing his discression.
After 2nd Chorus Heres The Piano Pt. Replaced With Guitare|-----9----9-----9---------------------|b|---67--67--67-67----------------------|g|----------------- .instead of solo--|d|--------------------------------------|a|--------------------------------------|e|--------------------------------------|Back To Verse 1 without GUITAR 2
The Replay Of Chorus With Piano Solo After ward and so on. Again Listen To The Song For Re assurance.
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