Ten Foot Pole – Denial tab

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Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 10:07:27 -0500 (EST)
From: wbknox@unity.ncsu.edu
Subject: TAB: denial.tab by Ten Foot Pole

Song: Denial
Band: Ten Foot Pole
Album: Unleashed (1997)
Written by Ten Foot Pole
Transcribed by Luke Knox (lukeknox@iname.com)

This is my favorite song by a great California punk band, Ten Foot Pole.  
The solo for this song was actually played by Chris Shiflett, the lead 
guitarist for No Use For A Name, another awesome band. Anyway, here it is:

Intro: (* 4x)E-----------------------------B-----------------------------G--3---4-------3--3---4-------D--3---4---4---3--3---4---4---A--1---2---4---1--1---2---4---E----------2--------------2--- Bb B F# Bb Bb B F#
Verse:E-------------------------------------------B-------------------------------------------G--------------9---------4-----------6------D--2---6---2---9---4-----4---4---2---6------A--2---6---2---7---4-----2---4---2---4------E--0---4---0-------2---------2---0---------- E G# E Eii F# B F# E C#
Chorus:E--------------------------------------B--------------------------------------G--4-----------6-----4-----------9-----D--4---4---2---6-----4---4---6---9-----A--2---4---2---4-----2---4---6---7-----E------2---0-------------2---4--------- B F# E C# B F# G# Eii
Solo: (h-hammer on)E---------------------------------------------------B------4-4-----4-4-----4-----4-4---7-5-4-5-5-5-4----G--4h6-----4h6-----4h6---4h6-----4---------------4--D---------------------------------------------------A---------------------------------------------------E---------------------------------------------------
Order: Intro Verse Chorus Intro Verse Chorus Solo Verse (no guitar, just bass) Chorus End on B Lyrics: (Verse): It's funny how a little truth can put things in perspective. Usually I try to hide from all of life's unpleasantries, like corruption, lies and users, try to ignore all the abusers, but sometimes truth just slaps me in the face. (Chorus): And I can't hide. Try to deny deception, but now I see the other side, I can't hide. Try to regain my innocence but something's changed inside. (Verse): Funny how perceptions change when you know secret history. Suddenly you see right past the thin veil of diplomacy, like the smiles that invite glare at you, like they're filled with spite. The warm handshakes just seem so out of place. (Chorus) (Solo) (Verse): Every person has a dark side please don't show me yours. I don't really think I want to know you can't be trusted. They say the truth will set you free, but they don't say how deep the cut will be. Trust dies and paranoia takes it's place. (Chorus) That's it! I hope you enjoy the tab, e-mail me if you have any changes, comments, etc. Luke
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