Ten Foot Pole - What You Want tab

T1: Isaac McMillan, killa4u@juno.com, Ten Foot Pole, What you want,

 S1: This is one of TFP's best songs!!, Band: Ten Foot Pole 
 Song: What you want 
 Album: Rev 

Riff 1: *=strum 7X, **=Strum 8x /-----P.M.------\(Palm Mute) e----------------------| b----------------------| g-----------6*---9**---| d--4*---7**-6*---9**---| a--4*---7**-4*-0-7**---| E--2*-0-5**------------|
Intro solo !=let ring e-----------------------------------------------------| b-----------------------------------------------------| g-----------------------------------------------------| d-------9--7------------------------------------------| a--9!--------10--9!-------7--9------7--7h9!---7-------| E--------------------10---------7!---------------7!---|
Verse(come in on last ring)-- Is there something you should tell me...(pm hE then \ to D)
Is there something I should know?... Palm mute ---> d--8-6-5-6-5-1-1/3!---| Yes I thought that you were happy G--------------8p7-5!---| d--1!-3/5--8-5----------| But your eyes tell me...
Chorus Riff A-- Repeat 2X e--------------------------------11----11-----11-----11-------| b-13-------13----13----13-------11----11---11----11-----11----| g----12-12----12----12----12----------------------------------|
Is it redemption all that you needed? Did I miss your silent cries? Is it too late to try? Repeat 4X g--pm0-3h5-3h5-3h5-3h5---| Who do you want to be? Who do you want to see? Is it too late? Chorus Riff A2X Chorus Riff B--4X strum each once and let ring.. hE--C#--Ab--A Can you tell me what you want? Can you tell me what you need? I can't read your mind But would I understand if I could? I can't tell you what you want I can't tell you what you need I can't read your mind So would I understand if I could? Post Chorus Riff-- C# C# hE hE F# F# A Ab C# Solo jumps in at last C#-- e---------------|----------------------------------------------------------| b---------------|----------------------------------------------------------| g---------------|------------------------4--------------4-4-5-6----------------| d---------------|--1h2--1-2-4-2-1-2h6-6----6-4-2-4-2-----6------------------| a---4-------0---|------------------------------------4---------------------| E-----0--2------|----------------------------------------------------------| \--play 2x--/ Tabbed by: Killa4u@juno.com Questions? Comments? Email me!
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