Ten Second Epic - Home In The Heartland tab

	        Home in the Heartland (intro) - Ten Second Epic
Tabbed by: Sammy
Email: shjiang@ualberta.ca

Tuning: Dropped D 

This is my first tab..
Saw these guys play the other day.. liked the intro riff to this song.. so here it is..   

(1) <-optional
 .  <-palm mute 

E|----------------------------------| (X3) B|-------------(1)------------------|G|--------------5---3-3--333--------|D|------------3-----3-3--333--------|A|-0--0-1-0-1-----0-1-1--111--------|D|-0--------------0-----------------| . . . . .
E|----------------------------------| <- note: because they have 2 guitarsB|----------------------------------| playing this part.. n im too G|-2-2--3-3--2-2--5-5---------------| lazy to tab em out.. this D|-3-3--3-3--3-3--3-3---------------| will do for now :D A|-1-1--1-1--1-1--1-1---------------|D|----------------------------------| (REPEAT from top)
send me an e-mail if u want the rest of this song tabbed..
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