Ten Shekel Shirt – Meet With Me chords ver. 2

The whole tab is basically a walk between G and C and you just play the same riff over 
and over throughout the song. great to be able to pump up loud or play really slow and worshipful

G/B C G/F# G I'm Here to meet with you,
G/B C G/F# G Come and meet with me
G/B C G/F# G I'm here to find you,
G/B C G/F# G reveal yourself to me
G/B-C G/F# GAs I wait, you make me strong
G/B-C G/F# GAs I long, you draw me to your arms
G/B-C G/F# GAs I stand, and sing your praise
G/B CWon't you come, Won't you come
G/F# Gand fill this place
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