Ten Years After – If You Should Love Me chords

SSSSH (1969)
Same progression
is played throughout
the whole song


A If you should love me
BThen I cannot be to blame
D A For loving you the way I do
A B D A If you should want me
Then you cannot really say You cannot say it to me, baby Mmmm... won't you love me true 'cause you got your way and, baby, I got mine Darling, I love you The only way I know You know I know that it's gonna be good loving For ever and a day The way you want my love You know you're gonna be my baby And I'm feeling all
AI'm feeling all right
A B Baby, love the way you walk
D A I love it when you're talking to me, darling
Yeah, won't you call my name Now now now now
A BI wanna show you how to love
D A And loving should be good
'cause darling, we got it made Made by you and me Now now now now
A I wanna be your loving man
BWanna love you all I can
DI wanna show you, baby, baby, baby...
AHow to love you right
A BBaby, make you feel so good tonight
D A Baby, make you feel, feel so right
I know I really would if I could If you should love me Love me every day Love me all the way Baby, I love you Love you all the time I love you it's only right If I love you every night Then, I'll buy a diamond ring Buy a diamond ring for your finger Yeah, yeah, now, now, now
A BEverybody's telling me
D A That I must be mad to think it's very bad
'cause I love you and I know that you love me Yeah, yeah, yeah, now Yeah, love is really good to me Loving really sets me free Baby, I'm feeling, I'm feeling I'm feeling all night Now yeah, loving is really good and fine Loving really frees your mind Darling, darling, I'm feeling all right A Bm D A E F# B A A B D A (continuing jam) Yeah, yeah, now now...... Come on, come on, yeah, yeah..........
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