Ten Years After – Ive Been There Too tab

INTRO: (A) (D)e|------------------0-------|------------2-------2-------|B|-----------2--------2-----|---------------3------3-----|G|-------------2--------2---|---------0-------2------2---| Play this TwiceD|---------2-----2--------2-|-------0------------------0-|A|---0h3-0------------------|---0h3----------------------|E|0h3-----------------------|0h3-------------------------|
Play throughout the verses A D There's someone somewhere, who can't go on A D There life is crying, I'ts allgone wrong A D What can I say now, to help you through? A D Except to say that, I've been there to.
e|-------------------------|-------------------------| B|-------------------------|-------------------------| G|-------------------------|-------------------------| Play Twice D|-------------------------|-------------------------| A|-------------------------|-3h5-5-5-5-5-3-5-5-3~--5-| E|-3h5-5-5-5-5-3-5-5-3~--5-|-------------------------|
(Play same as verse one) Your soul is aching, you can't see it through But time is healing each day you do Keep looking forward, forget the past It's up to you now, don't let it last A C D A You got to Wake up, Shake up, you got a right to live. A C D A Shake up, don't break up, You've got a lot to give. Play the rest of the song just like this And Enjoy.
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