Tenacious D – Master Exploder tab ver. 2

Alright, I'm Andrew Montano, I put a video on youtube of me playing Master Exploder by
D awhile back:


and found a lot of people thought I played it correctly. I got a lot of messages asking
tabs or a tutorial vid, I put a tutorial vid up but people didn't take too kindly to it.
intended on putting up a new one but since I haven't been able to find time I thought 
just tab it out.

Alright, well I hope this helps everybody. If this looks confusing go to the bottom, the
might help you out. Um... yeah, I think that's all I wanted to write... thanks
for the wonderful comments, they're real spirit lifters and confidence boosters. 

Alright, well good luck on this guys, email me any comments or questions here:


And please label the subject bar:  GUITAR

Also, feel free to send suggestions of songs I should learn and put on the tube. Thanks
everybody. :D

--12------| slide that last 12 down the neck a ways for effect if you want.-15-15-12-|----------|----------|----------|----------|
Also, on my video it should be noted that at the end, instead of sliding the last 12 I hit the 12 and then 11 and slide the 11 down the neck. Just incase people relize there's small difference between the video and this tab. Besides that, this tab is exactly what played in the youtube video. KEY: > = slide p = pulloff b = bend h = hammeron
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