One Note Song tab with lyrics by Tenacious D - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tenacious D – One Note Song tab

          One Note Song - Tenacious D
Tabbed by: arguy337

h  -  hammer-on
p  -  pull-off
b  -  bend string up
() -  Grace note
The whole intro is played very lively and loose. Just play along and you will see what
I'm talking about. It's just funny to listen to.

Jack plays this, on acoustic guitar, standard tuning:

Jack? Yea? Do you think some people, do you think theres some... D5 A5E--5---5--5----------5-----3-----------------------------------B--7---7--7----------5-----3-----------------------------------G--7---7--7----------6-----4-----------------------------------D--7---7--7----------7-----5-----5--5-h7-(7) -----5h7p5--------A--5---5--5----------7-----5------------------------------5----E--5---5--5---3--5---5-(5)-3-5------------------------------8--
people that aren't eally, that are actually robots?
Kyle: Living among us... Jack: No Kyle: That we can't tell Jack: No, we don't have the technology yet, but... Kyle on acoustic (or at least I think so, it may be Jack), lightly palm muted:
Jack: Rage, Rage... Rage Kyle: Yea? Jack: You know what I was thinking? Stop playing Jack: I was thinkin of a fucking brilliant song Kyle: Yeah? Jack: Check it out, Just do what I do Kyle: Okay Jack: Just play this note Now comes the main part of the song, it's basically both of them playing this. Kyle plays everything an 8th late. Since he plays it that way, and They play the note every quarter, it's continuous. The speed ascends as they play:
This is where the guitar ends. The rest is the lyrics from the beginning. Kyle: Jack Jack: Yeah? Kyle: Do you think some people-Do you think there's some people that aren't really... that're actually robots? Living among us? Jack: No Kyle: That we can't tell? Jack: No, we don't have the technology yet, but Rage, Rage,.. Rage Kyle: Yeah? Jack: Stop playing... I was thinkin of a fucking brilliant song Kyle: Yeah? Jack: Check it out, just do what I do Kyle: Okay Jack: Just play this note Jack: And then we both keep-Just keep both playing that note... Every once in a while bend it... And that's it, just remember who wrote that song, me baby me! See, it's fuckin simple, that's one song in the bank... Next song, Next song! NEXT! Kyle: But that's one note, anybody could have done that... Anybody could have wrote it Jack: Yeah but guess who did write it? ME! Kyle: Yeah but did you write this? (Bends note) Jack: Dude I did! I told you to do the bending everyone once in a while! Kyle: Oh shit you did Jack: I did! I win! I win! One to nothing!
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