Tenacious D – History chords

D  Dsus4  Asus4  C  G (throughout entire song)

This is a song called the history of Tenacious D
And its not just a list of bullshit that we've done in the past,
Its a chronicling of our rise
We ride with kings on mighty steeds across the devil's plain
We've walked with Jesus and his cross
He did not die in vain - No!

We've run with wolves
We've climbed K2, even stopped a moving train
We've traveled through space and time my friends to rock this house again Rock!

We ride and we ride and we'll never subside
We'll ride till the planets collide
And if you say that we do not ride,
I'll tan your fucking hide

Kyle's fingers be silver
Jack's voice then be gold
But lest you think we're vain!
We know you're all robots and we don't care
Tenacious D - we reign!

We reign supreme
OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!
Burrito supreme, and a chicken supreme, and a cutlet supreme
Supreme yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go now Kyle 1,2,3
Go now Kyle 1,2,3
Go now Kyle 1,2,3
Burrito supreme, and a chicken supreme and a cutlet supreme
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