Tenacious D – Tribute To The Best Song In The World tab

I have seen lots of tabs of this song and they are mostly wrong

I will call this Tab part Am*. Ok.

e------------0--00-000000000-00-00-0------b------------1--11-1h33p00h1-11-11-1------g------0h2---2--22-222222222-22-22-2------d---0h2------2--22-222222222-22-22-2------ This is used aa---------0--0--00-000000000-00-00-0------ lot in the songE-----------------------------------------
Am* (keep playing this untill chord change) This is the greatest and best song in the world... Tribute... A long time ago, me and my brother Kyle here, were Hitch Hiking down a long and winding road....when all of a sudden there shined a shiney demon...... In the middle... of the road, AND HE SAID
a-00000000000000000-- (palm Mute)E--------------------Play the best song in the world... or i will eat your souls....
Am* So me and Kyle... we just looked at each other... and we each said!...OK! Am G F So we played the first thing that came to our heads and it just so Am G F happened to be... the best song in the world it was the best song in the world... D F C G Look into my eyes and it\'s clear to see... 1 and 1 make 2, 2 and 1 F make 3 it was destiny. D F C Once every hundred thousand years or so when the sun does shine and G F the moon doth glow and the grass doth growoooooooo! Am* Well needless to say...the beast was stund... A WHIPCRACK WITH HIS WHOOPY TAIL...and the beast was done. Am* He asked us...\"be you angels\"...and we said \"NA!! We are but men! ROCK! ***Hit Am hard on \'men\' and on \'ROCK\' play all strings open (one hit) AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH ARRRRRRRRGGGHHHHH ARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH A WOWOWOW A WOWOWOW OI YOI OI OI OI OI Am G Am This is not the greatest song in the world...no...this is just a G Am tribute Am G Am Couldn\'t remember the greatest song in the world...NO!!...this is a G Am tribute Am G F To the greatest song in the world OH RIGHT Am G F To the greatest song in the world OH RIGHT Am G F Fliggy Dooby Doo ... To the greatest sng in the world OOOHHHH Am(kill) RRRITTTTEE this is the little Oh Arr bit wiv no music in... then the rest of the song is manly Solo\'s which i dont know and there are more chords which i think are Am, G and F again. The song ends on F being played REALLY QUICKLY!!!!!!!!ENJOY _________________________________________________________________________________ AND TO ALL PUNKERS!!!!!!!!! PUNK RULES!!!!!!!!!!!! From Danny boi (hey Nick)
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