Tenacious D – Kyle Quit The Band tab

B          A                   E  A                B
Last week, Kyle quit the band.    Now we're back together. 

twiddly part: e|--------|B|--------|G|-8h9-8--|D|--------|A|--------|E|--------|
B A E A Misunderstandings, didn't understand. Doesn't matter, Now B we're back together again. O, Fa La La La La F# E BEB(fast paced) Couldn't split up Kato and Nash. Thats true. F# E BEB(fast paced) Couldn't split up Tengo and Kash Thats also true. E B F# E This is our song of exultant joy cause, we only came to BEB(fast paced) kick some ass. F# E BEB(fast paced) Rock the fucking house, and kick some ass. F# E BEB (fast paced) What we gonna do with all the cash? ADA (fast paced, like BEB) Smoke Hash! GCGCADDB(fast paced) And then we thrash! Throw a big old bash ya'll GCGCADB(fast paced) And everyone is invited to the GCGCADB Bash! I dunno the solo.. so yeahh B=799877 A=577655 E=X79997 F#=244322 G=355433 C=X35553 Just cause Jack Black and Kyle Gas rock my socks.
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