Tenacious D - The Osbournes tab

Alright, this is the tab for "The Osbournes" theme song that I played around with 
for a while and got a few people to tell me it sounded right.  It's best to be played 
on acoustic or an acoustic sound.  If you think it needs corrections, email me at 

Standard Tuning

e---------------------------------B---------------------------------G----------------5-7-88888-77777-- Repeat this until youD--5-5-x-x-5-5---5-7-88888-77777-- get sick of it.A--5-5-x-x-5-5---3-5-66666-55555--E--3-3-x-x-3-3--------------------
That's it...this is my first tab by the way so if you think it sucks, I got something for you to suck on.
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