Tenacious D – To Be The Best chords ver. 2

Left handed
Played with a fast pace.
Also slowing the song down with finger picking sounds good too.


ATo be the best, We got to pass the test
We gotta make it all the way
A E A To the top of the mountain We can do it again!
ATo feel the high We got to learn to fly
We got to take it to the sky
A E AOn the wings of an eagle! You're the best in the world!
A GYou are the best but you say you don't know
A G You got the touch, now come on let it show
A G F You call the shots But you know that you gots to believe in
E GThe things that you're dreaming, Your search for the meaning
D F Is very revealing, The power of healing
C B E Is what you're feeling, You gotta belieeeeeeeeeeeve
AThat you're simply the best!
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