Tenacious D – Robot chords


G Cm G CmI am a robot, naked and alone
G Cm G CmSent from the future to build a new home
G CmMission accomplished, find The D
G CmSave them from Daddy Ding Dong
G D F EAnd... build a home... make it right... make it nice
Am G D7Kill all the evil, and the Nazis, KKK, kill them all
B7Dat what me must do
G Cm GI am a robot, I am here alone
Cm GJust like a doggy, searching for his bone
D EmEveryone sees me but no one understands
G7 CThe feeling inside when I have an empty hand
Cm G DNo one will put me in their band
G DCus everyone hates a robot
Em DBut I am such a good robot
C Cm G DI am not an evil robot understand
G D CI am just a simple robot hold my hand
Cm G Cm G Cm GAnd one of these days, I’ll be a man
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