Tenacious D – Hbo Episode 3 tab

Tenacious D - Episode 3 (HBO)

All songs tabbed by Leebop - leebop99@hotmail.com

There are different recordings out there of some of
these songs that might be played slightly different.

These are tabbed straight from episode 3 on HBO



Tabbed by Leebop - leebop99@hotmail.com

Csus2 - (X35533)
C5    - (X355XX)
G#5   - (466XXX)
Bb5   - (X133XX)
D#5   - (X688XX)
F5    - (X8TTXX)  T = 10

Climb upon my faithful steed
Then we gonna ride, gonna smoke some weed
Climb upon my big assed steed and ride, ride, ride

C5     G#5  Bb5  C5     G#5  Bb5

C5     G#5  Bb5  C5     G#5  Bb5  C5     G#5  Bb5

C5                       G#5   Bb5
  What?s the name of the song, explosivo
C5                     G#5           Bb5
  Don?t know what its about, but its good to go
C5                      G#5         Bb5
  What?s the name of my girlfriend, I don?t
C5                             G#5             Bb5
Know, But she?s built like the shit, and she?s good to go,
C5                  G#5       Bb5
  Go, she?s good to go, she?s good to go
C5               G#5              Bb5
We are fueled by Satan, yes we?re schooled by
  C5             G#5         Bb5
Satan            Schooled by Satan
C5                  G#5            Bb5
Writing those tasty riffs, just as fast as we
C5               G#5       Bb5
Can              Fueled by Satan
C5                           D#5           F5
We were the inventors of the cosmic astral code
      C5                           D#5               F5
We?ve come to blow you away, we?ve come to blow your nose
      C5                         D#5              F5
We?ve come to fuckin blow, we?ve come to blow the show
      C5                       D#5       F5
We?ve come to fuckin blow, you go,   you ro

C5     G#5  Bb5  C5     G#5  Bb5  C5     G#5  Bb5
C5                       G#5   Bb5
  What?s the name of the song, explosivo
C5                     G#5           Bb5
  Don?t know what its about, but its good to go

C5           G#5   Bb5
                  I am not one of you
C5                 G#5        Bb5
     I come from a distant time
C5                G#5  Bb5
I am known as the angel crusher
C5           G#5       Bb5
  These picks   that I give you
C5              G#5    Bb5
   were molded in Satan?s cauldron
C5            G#5   Bb5
   Take these picks,
C5                 G#5     Bb5
   They?re souvenir   Satan   picks





Tabbed by Leebop - leebop99@hotmail.com

This song is played with power chords:
Dm - (X577XX)  (or D5)
C  - (X355XX)  (or C5)
Bb - (X133XX)  (or Bb5)

                            C . . .
Lee     Lee     Lee     Lee

Dm              C
Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee
Bb                   C
  Were talkin fuckin Lee
Dm      C
I had a friend named Lee
Bb                   C
  He cast a spell, a spell on me
   Dm              C
If me and Lee and KG could be three
Bb             C
  Flyin free tenaciously
Dm                 C
Skinny dippin in a sea of Lee
Bb                C
  I?ll propose on bended knee
To Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee
Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee
Bb                       C
Lilitlilee Lee Lee Lee   Lilitlilee Lee Lee Lee
   Dm          C         Bb        C
If Lee   could be   with me   and KG  (that?s me)
        Dm                         C
We?d be free(We?d be free) plant a tree(plant a tree)
         Bb                    C
just for Lee(just for Lee)     Lee
Dm              C               Bb
Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee
    C                Dm
Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee  Lee


Special Thing

Tabbed by Leebop - leebop99@hotmail.com

G     - (320003)
G11   - (320013) (actually it?s a Gadd11)
D/B   - (X20232)
Am7   - (X02213)
Csus2 - (X30XXX)
C     - (X3XXXX) (only used once)

G    G11

     G                     G11
Well me and KG yeah we?re going to sing
  G                    G11
A little song about a few special things
        D/B     Am7                 G      G11    G
Special things     Talking special things
            D/B                     Am7
Like when a friend gives a friend a helping hand
D/B                       Am7
Helps his little buddy to understand
                 G     G11      G
That?s a special thing
                     G11     G
a very special thing         yeah  take it JB, take it
  G            G11
I hate to interrupt the thing
     G                 G11
That Lee was singing about him and KG
        D/B     Am7
Special thing,  what do think this is
          G       G11          G
Tenacious D three D    no  no  no  no
     D/B            Am7
Like when KG hits a tin cup shot
D/B               Csus2
On a genesis golf tee cup,
                 G                      G11
That?s a special thing, thatsa special thing
   D/B      Am7                         D/B                  Csus2
Or when KG, pops in Jenny Craig Mac and Cheese and hands it to me
                 G            G11         G
That?s a special thing, that?s a special thing
    D/B             Am7
Now one and one and one is three
  D/B                      C
A rare occasion for that?s triple D

          G                 G11
         (Reeearrrrerearrrr deerdidideeeerder)
KG JB and me                             KG JB and

G                  G11 G            D/B             Am7
(Reeearrrrerearrrr daaaaaaoooooo     dododoooooooooohahahaugh)
Lee                       KG JB and meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Now that?s un special thing



Tabbed by Leebop - leebop99@hotmail.com

E  - (022100)
D  - (X00232)
B  - (X24442)
A  - (X02220)
G  - (355433)
F# - (244322)
F  - (133211)
D* - (5540XX)
C* - (332000)
B* - (2210XX)

E D B E D B We?ve been sent to issue all you people here a warning E I?m not at liberty to say D B E D B the details of this most peculiar warning yeeaaaaaaahhhh E D B E D B Suffice to say, all you people here are in grave danger Em . . . . . . . . . So come on Em C* Through the skies, he flies, but he doesn?t know the reason why D* C* But he flies, so high, You know that its true Em C* Allot of times, when the elders, they smile D* C* An illusion, an infusion, an intrusion, B* E an amusement park ride E D B Exploding brains from Alzon to Zanzibar E D B To the shores of ye old rustic Chinook E Decimating the competition D B Leaving in their wake the blind ambition E D B Come along children, and rock get it on A B E In whatever heinous realm that it squats A B E In whatever heinous realm that it squats A B A In whatever heinous realm that it squats G F# F that it squats, that it squats, that it squats
|-----------------0-----12*--||---------0---------0--12*---||-------0---0---0------------||-----4-------4--------------| * harmonics|---2------------------------||-0--------------------------|
______________________________________________________ The Road Tabbed by Leebop - leebop99@hotmail.com A - (577655) G - (355433) D - (557775) B - (X24442) E - (022100) A A A A A G The road is fuckin hard D A The road is fuckin tough A G There?s no question that D A It is rough rough stuff B G The road is a B I itch my friend A But it?s the only road I know B G When I?m snackin on a tasty bouch E Right after the show Ga ga go go go A A A A A A A A A A A ___________________________________________________ Jesus Ranch Tabbed by Leebop - leebop99@hotmail.com Bm - (X24432) A - (X02220) E - (022100) F# - (244322)
Here is some variations (hammerons and pulloffs) to the chords inthe beginning. Bm A E F#|-----2----------------------------------------||-----2h3-------2h3p2--2---------0-0-----2-2-2-||-----4---4-----2----2-2-----0h1-1-1-----3-3-3-||-----4---4-----2----2-2-----2---2-2-----4-4-4-||-2-2-------0-0--------------2---2-2---4-4-4-4-||------------------------0-0---------2---------|
Bm A E F# Bm A E F# It was a big day on Jesus Ranch. Jesus Ranch Bm A E F# Bm A E F# He was harvesting a big tomato, it was in the sand, all right D A E I?m takin a walk in the woods, and it's nice outside Bm Smells of shit Liggagwing gigigigigillgo A E F# I come upon a silver striped mushroom and I Bm A E F# Flalalalalylaiii And I fly fly Bm A E F# Bm A E F# It was a big day on Jesus Ranch Jesus Ranch Jesus Bm A E I fell in love with a baked potato F# Bm A E That?s when i started to dance yeah in France D A E I'm takin a walk in the woods Fuck yeah It?s nice very, very Bm nice. Smells of shit Liggagwing gigigigigillgo A E F# I come upon a silver, striped mushroom and I Bm A E F# Flalalalalylaiii And I fly fly Bm A E F# Flalalalalylaiii And I fly I?m Bm Gooooooooooooooone
Bm A E F#|-7-10-10-10-10-7-10^-7---7--7-7-7-7-7-7-7-10-7-10-7---12^--10-||--------------------------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------------------------|
Bm A E F# Bm Ah fricka dooo gadooo Ricka dicka deudoo raregadong A E F# Geegone agagon yeah Bm A E F#
Tasty Baby in Michigan (played over credits) Tabbed by Leebop - leebop99@hotmail.com
I met a tasty baby in Michigan|------5----------------------------5----5---5----5-5--5----5-5-||-----5-----------------------------5h7--7---7/8--8-8--8\7--7-7-||----5------------------------------7----7---7----7-7--7----7-7-||---7-------------------------------7--------7----7-7--7----7-7-||--7--------------------------------5--------5----5-5--5----5-5-||-5-------------------------------------------------------------|
We screwed two times then I left|-0---------------------------------0h2--2---2h3--3-3--3p2--2-2-||-1---------------------------------3----3---3----3-3--3----3-3-||-2---------------------------------2----2---2----2-2--2----2-2-||-2---------------------------------0--------0----0-0--0----0-0-||-0---------------------------------0---------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------|
Sometimes I think of my baby in Michigan Why can?t I|-0---------------------------------0h2--2---2h3--3-3-3-3-3-3-||-1---------------------------------3----3---3----3-3-3-3-3-3-||-2---------------------------------2----2---2----2-2-2-2-2-2-||-2---------------------------------0--------0----0-0-0-0-0-0-||-0-----------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------|
stay in one place for more than two days why|-3---------3----3--3-----------------------0-----------------||-3---------3----3--3------------3----3--3--0-----------------||-0---------0----0--0------------2----2--2--0-----------------||-0----0----0----0--0--0----0----0----0--0--2-----------------||-2----2----2----2--2-----------------------2-----------------||-3----3----3----3--3--2----2----2----2--2--0-----------------|
Because I?m talkin about the road|-1----1----X----X----3----3-------------------3--------------||-1----1----X----X----3----3------------------5---------------||-2----2----X----X----0----0----T------------5----------------||-3----3----X----X----0----0----A-----------5-----------------||-3----3----0----0----2----2----P----------3------------------||---------------------3----3--------------3-------------------|
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