Tenth Avenue Frozen Out – The Sun Will Rise tab

Tenth Avenue Frozen Out, The Sun Will Rise.
Tabbed by T. Diego Allessandro, JMlocke625@aol.com.
This song was written in 2001 copyright 2001 by T. Diego Allessandro, I wrote this as a wake up call to the world to say that we should do what we need to so wars like Vietnam and Korea don't take the lives of so many brave men who didn't have to die!

This song is in the key of Eb so use a caop on fret 3.
This is how the song is played so thats the was it will be transcripted.

   Bb      Eb        Bb      Eb

Bb Go on down Eb G# To the land of the brave Bb Wake up G# Eb Realize we can be saved Bb And we must G# Eb We must try Bb (let it ring out) and sing amen Verse chords again for those who've lost the war and for those lost from our lives i won't let it happen to me i'llsing amen chorus: G# it's a land Eb Bb so far away G# a diferent time Eb Bb a better day G# a day when man kind Eb Bb all man kind N.C. can sing amen yeah i see to many people dyin' i hear too many mothers cryin' to the dead to those pased on we sing amen chorus: in a land where th sun will rise when everyone Can realize that our ways our ways are wrong and we sing amen Intro 8X chorus how long do we have to take how long until we make peace and we can sing that we understand (we understand) we understand (we understand) lord we understand (we understand) visit http://hometown.aol.com/jmlocke625/index.html for info on the band and our first album :: Ultimate Guitar Archive :: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com
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