Tenth Avenue North – Strong Enough To Save chords

Tenth Avenue North - Strong Enough To Save
Tuning: Standard

I suggest using the following chord forms.  
They're essentially the barre chord without the barre to make the chord sound more open.  
(for use with acoustic)
E: 022100
A: 577600
B: 799800
C#m: 9 11 11 x00 or x57700

EYou fought
Abut you were just too weak
Eso you lost
Aall the things you try to keep
C#m Bnow you're on your knees, you're on your knees
EBut wait,
Aeverything can change,
E Ain a moments time you don't have to be afraid,
C#mcause fear is just a lie
Bopen up your eyes
EAnd he'll break
A C#mopen the skies to save
B Ethose who cry out his name
A C#mthe One the wind and waves obey
B He's strong enough to save you
Inst: E, A
Anow is not too late
Elift up your head
Alet the rain fall on your face
C#m Byou’re not far from grace, you’re not too far from grace
Chorus 2x
C#m B I know the weight of this world
Acan take you down like gravity and
C#m BI know the current of yourself
Acan take you out, out to sea
C#m B A-Bbut hold on, hold on
Chorus 2x End on E
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