Tenth Avenue North - Oh My Dear tab version 2

This is the intro on the guitar for Oh My Dear. I saw some others and they were wrong. 
it is. I included my 2 original intros capoed the 3rd fret(they go to the chords with the 
fret capoed).
Tuning: Normal (standard)

regulare --------------------------------------------|b --------------------------------------------|g ----0---2-0----------0---2-0----------------|d --3---3-----3-0h3--3---3-----3-2--2-2-0-2-3-|a --------------------------------------------|e --------------------------------------------|
3rd fret. this version sounds the same as above.its played on the piano.e ----------------------------------------|b ----------------------------------------|g ----------------------------------------|d -0-2-0-4-2-0----0-2-0-4-2-0-----------0-|a -------------2--------------4--4-4-2-4--|e ----------------------------------------|
3rd fret. this is a higher pitch but sounds great.e ---0---2-0--------0---2-0----------------|b -3---3-----3-0--3---3-----3-2--2-2-0-2-3-|g -----------------------------------------|d -----------------------------------------|a -----------------------------------------|e -----------------------------------------|
I am 100% sure there are no mistakes I checked everything over 2 times. Please vote 5 stars!
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