Tenth Avenue North – Hearts Safe A Better Way chords ver. 2

The Chord progression on the other tab is correct, but Matt plays it like this.
Capo 4

All palm muted and played through the verses, chorus is down strums, bridge is just single noting the chords
C Am F (intro)I feel it in your eyes
There's pain that covers up these lies Now you may look like me But it seems you're really different on the inside We used to keep our hearts safe We kept them safe and locked away But then we grew up learning That life could serve us in a better way
CAnd why?
I'm asking you why?
C Am F (intro)So what happened to your eyes
I saw them wander just like mine So how did we come to see so differently After all this time
CAnd why?
I'm asking you why?
CAnd why?
I'm asking you why?
CIf the sheep know his voice then tell me what is the choice
For the ones who haven't heard and have no need to rejoice
F CFather, help me understand
C'Cause I am just like him and Lord he's just like me
We came from the same town and the same families
F CBut now he, he just won't understand
CPlease Lord open up his eyes
Can You open up these eyes?
CAnd why?
I'm asking you why?
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