Terra Naomi - Never Quite Discussed tab

                     song: never quite discussed

                        artist: terra naomi

G                         B7            Em         C
your the closest thing i have to love so let me in 

G                             B7              Em
the moon is glowing white and times a-wasting
and you dont want to know   what happens when

G                   B7                    
we start at the start before it becomes that thing that

broke my heart in two 

G                   B7                     Em                    A7
weve been here before tat place where we dwell until we find we both want 

somthing more


B                           B7           Em                 C
so lets pretend that for a moment we have never loved before

G                        B7               Em                  A7
touch my skin and i will kiss your lips and  we can both ignore  that 

                G                 B7                   Em    
feeling of wait what happens in time i know this is cool for now but i just

might change my mind and leave 

G                    B7                       Em                  A7
you there in the dust   i know that you loved me a lot but it was never 

quite discussed   

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