Terra Naomi – The Vicodin tab

so this is more like the basic chords. you could probably refine it. it sounds good if 
play a Cadd9 instead of a C sometimes, for example. just play around with it.

        G              D             em
You can drive you can drive you can drive
down the 405
G        D         em      C
  to the 101 to my house
G           D                        em
  and these highways are in so many songs
   C                  G
I couldn't count them all
I tried...
em           C           G          D
so much sad history described in a ride
            em             C       G
and when I told you I was happy I lied
   D       em      C
I lied, I lied, I lied

     G        D
and I've got vicodin
       em            C
do you want to come over?
   G                D         em     C
I know it's a long drive from ma-a-libu
           G               D
I've got a pocket full of pills
    em       C
and not one lover
     G         D           em
I'm feeling so bad and so good
I don't know what to do

         G        D
 so I'll take my chances now
em         C                     G         D
  'cause I can't go back I'm out too far
em                   C
   and I'm thinking, I'm thinking
G                           D              em
  I'm thinking that you know how it feels
       C       G        D
so get in your car and drive
em          C                  G
  and I can tell you that I'll try
     D         em         C
I'll try, I'll try, I'll try


em     D        C
  it's in your face
   D        em
I know that place
       D           C
you're running to
      D            em
I'll follow you
      D       C
I'll meet you there
      D       em
don't bring a thing for me
      D         C
I'll take care
I'll take care


have fun
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