Terri Clark – Now That Ive Found You tab

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Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 13:59:08 -0600
From: Allan Rillera 
Subject: c/clark_terri/now_that_ive_found_you.crd

Date: 6-4-1998
From: rillera@utdallas.edu
Subject: Now That I've Found You
Performed by: Terri Clark
Transcribed by: Allan Rillera

**  A revision of Shantel Antifave's original transcription.
**  This is the version as played on the video.
**  Capo on 2nd fret

Intro:  C  G  Am  G  F  (2x)

C            G             Am
How can I believe that my heart would find
G     F       C
Someone like you
             G            Am
You see the real me, no in betweens
   G       F       C
I had no where to hide
                   G       Am
You took away the walls around me
              F                G
Made me feel safe to share my truth

I've seen the Heaven's open
A heart that once was broken
Is holdin' nothin' back
F         G          C
Now that I've found you
You hold me like a prayer
You touch me everywhere
F                       Fm                C
A lifetime just ain't enough to love you true
Bb        F          C
Now that I've found you (2x)

C              G                  Am
Believe we're meant to be, our chemistry
G           F
Will last forever
And through the years
       G                      Am
We'll see some tears, we'll conquer fears
 G       F         C
Together we will grow
                 G         Am
Looking in your eyes they tell me
                F             G
I'll no longer have to feel alone

Repeat Chorus (except last line)

Bb        F          C
Now that I've found you
Bb	  F	     Am
Now that I've found you

Am               G
You see me, the real me
F              G
You believe in me


Outro: Bb  F  C
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