Terri Clark – One Of The Guys tab

This is another new one off of her new greatest hits cd. it rocks!
the rythem is as followed G///D\/G///G///D\/G (/=down & \= up)

***Capo 3rd***

intro: G///D\/G///G///D/\G

G                          C
Hood up, bent over that carberater
G                       D         G
I skinned my knuckle, damn that hurt
G                                    C
Got a six pack chillin' on ice for later
       G                  D      G
And grease all over my white t-shirt

G                                     C
My brother taught me how to throw a curve ball
         C                     D          G
The cheerleading thing never felt quite right
G                                        C
When it comes to high fashion, I hit a brick wall
G                 D          G
This girl's just one of the guys.


G         D              C          G
You can dress me up, but it won't change
                  D          G
The way i walk against the grain
I can rock you world
            C       G
And if my mood is right
You can take me home
      D         G
But I'm gonna drive
                         D          G
'Cause this girl's just one of the guys

G                                   C
I can throw darts and talk about fishin'
G                       D       G
Tell a dirty joke and watch NASCAR
I can help you with your love life and
Tell you about women
G                                    D     G
Drink you under the table at you favorite bar

Repeat Chorus

Em            D           C             G
I'm still a lady looking for the right man
Em              D
But he's gotta take me
C              D
Just the way I am

Repeat Chorus

that sounds pretty close. if anyone can do a better job please do. Rellim08
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