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Date: 01 Apr 97 11:02:11 +0100
From: William James 
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 'CELEBRITY HITLIST' By Terrovision 
(Taken from the Regular Urban Survivors album) 
Transcribed by Will James  
(1) *INTRO RIFF* D|---------------| A|------0--1-0---| Play 4 times E|-0--3--------3-|
(2) *CHORUS*
(Bass with guitar chords indicated) A F# E D G|--------------|---------------|--------------|------------------| D|--------------|---------------|--------------|----------4--5p4--| A|--------------|---------------|-7--7--7-7-7--|-5--5-5--5--5-----| E|-5--5--5-5-5--|-2--2--2-2-2p0-|--------------|------------------|
(guitar lead part over bass line) E|--------------|---------------|-12......-----|-10......---------| B|-10......-----|-7......-------|-15b17...-----|-13b15...---------| G|-12b14...-----|-9b11...-------|--------------|------------------|
| | G|--------------|---------------|--------------|------------------| D|--------------|---------------|--------------|----------4--5p4--| A|--------------|---------------|-7--7--7-7-7--|-5--5-5--5--5-----| E|-5--5--5-5-5--|-2--2--2-2-2p0-|--------------|------------------|
(3) *INTRO RIFF* Play 2 times
(4) *VERSE 1* (2nd time) D|----------------2--4-----4\3\2--------------2\1\0------|-2---2-----| A|-0---------4-------------------------------------------|-0-2-0-2~--| E|-------------------------------------------------------|-----------| I gambled with my house when i lost my car I gambled with my car trying to win back my wife
(palm mute extra notes) (2nd time) D|-------------2-44-4-4-4-4-4-44\3\2-2-2-2-2-2-22\1\0----|-2---2-----| A|-0-0-0-0-0-4-------------------------------------------|-0-2-0-2~--| E|-------------------------------------------------------|-----------| I lost my family on a sure fire thing Then i lost against the odds when i gambled with my wife
(5) *CHORUS* (bass same as (2)) A F# Now I'm on a list, I'm on a list E D A F# The celebrity hitlist, Another target out on the market E D The celebrity hitlist (6) *VERSE 2* (Same as before but palm mute extra notes as in second part of verse 1 for both parts this time) I had a decent house, I had a fancy car I'd need a fancy car, to drive my fancy wife I lost my family on a sure fire thing I'd won against the odds, first prize nice life (7) *CHORUS* (8) *BRIDGE* A C D F And when i fly i always fly at least as high as the sky A C D F E F E F E F E And when i fall i always fall at least as hard as you all (9) *SOLO*
Guitar 2 (under solo): G|---------------| G|------2--3-2---| D|---------------| D|-2--5--------5-| A|------0--1-0---| A|---------------| E|-0--3--------3-| E|---------------| Play 4 times ..then.. play this 4 times
Guitar 1 (solo part comes in after the first riff from guitar 2): [sb=slow bend]
E|----------------------------------------------------------------| B|-5-------------12------12------12------12------12--15p12--15----| G|-7b9------14b16---14b16---14b16---14b16---14b16-----------14b16-| sb sb
E|----------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------13---13---13---13---13---13---13---13---| G|--------------------------14---14---14---14---14---14---14---14-| D|----------------------------------------------------------------|
(10) *CHORUS* x 2 (11) *BRIDGE* With lead guitar part over it:- Will.
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