Terry Allen – Truckload Of Art chords

This is my first tab, so here it goes... Great song by Terry Allen that I discovered 
listening to Cracker's cover.

AA Truckload of Art
D AFrom New York City
ECame rollin' down the road
DYeah the driver was singing
AAnd the sunset was pretty
But the truck turned over
E AAnd she rolled off the road
DYeah a Truckload of Art
Ais burning near the highway
Precious objects are scattered
EAll over the ground
DAnd it's a terrible sight
AIf a person were to see it
E ABut there weren't nobody around
AYeah the driver went sailing
D AHigh in the sky
ELanding in the gold lap of the Lord
DWho smiled and then said
A"Son, you're better off dead
Than haulin' a truckload
E Afull of hot avant-garde
AYes... an important artwork
DWas thrown burning to the ground
A ETragically... landing in the weeds
DAnd the smoke could be seen
AAhhh for miles all around
E AYeah but nobody... knows what it means
DYes... a Truckload of Art
AIs burning near the highway
EAnd it's a tough job for the highway patrol
DAhhh they'll soon see the smoke
AAn come runnin' to poke
Then dig a deep ditch
E AAnd throw them arts in a hole
DYeah a Truckload of Art
AIs burning near the highway
EAnd it's raging far-out of control
DAnd what the critics have cheered
AIs now shattered and queered
And their noble reviews
E AHave been stewed on the road
(chorus) http://www.davismclarty.com/terry-allen.php
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