Terry Callier - I Dont Want To See Myself tab

I Don't Want To See Myself (live version from "Alive")

(intro slow)
Am7                 Cmaj7   Bm7
I don't want to see my --  self
Am7                 Cmaj   Bm7
I don't want to see my  -  self
Bm7      E7
Without you (repeat)
(verse 1)
Am7          Bm7     Am7                Bm7
Every time I pass in front of a looking glass
Am7           Bm7      
There's a smiling face 
Am7                Bm7
All because of the father's grace
Am7           Bm          Am7                        Bm
I've a mirror on the wall what is the greatest love of all
Am7                 Bm7       
Came down like a complete surprise
Am7                    Bm7
You changed my life before my eyes
Am7                 Bm7
Don't want to see myself 
Am7                   Bm7              
I don't want to see myself  
Am7                            E7
Don't wanna see myself without you
(verse 2)
Am7           Bm7   Am7                         Bm7
Everyone I know     has seen some problems come and go
Am7          Bm7  Am7                  Bm7
I depend on you    I need your grace to see me through
Am7           Bm        Am7                  Bm
I was just a fallen star  then I found out who you are
Whoa all the things you 
Bm7         Am7                     Bm7
done for me will never fade from my memory
Am7                     Bm7
Whoa, don't wanna see myself
Am7                 Bm7          E7
I don't wanna see myself without you.
(repeat fade)

All my own work. Comments, corrections, etc. all welcome.

Greg Brown
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