Terry Jacks - Seasons In The Sun chords version 2

I figured this out by ear. So I'm not quite sure if it's right, but it definitely 
sounds right to me :]  

Gm Gm GmGood bye to you my trusted friend, we`ve known each other since we were
D C7 C7 Gmnine or ten; together we climbed hills and trees,
Gm D C7 Gm learned of love A B C; skinned our harts and skinned our knees.
Gm Gm D C7 Good bye my friend it`s hard to die, when all the birds are singing in the sky
C7 Gmnow that the spring is in the air
Gm D C7 Gmpretty girls are ev'`ry where, think of me and I`ll be there
Gm D C7We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun,
C7 D C7 Gm but the hills thet we climbed were just seasons out of time.
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