Terry Kelly – How Far Can A Little Girl Fall chords

Left handed
How far can a little girl fall - Terry Kelly
Written by: Ron Hynes
Posted by: Steve Cater

DShe laid her head on the bar
Watching tiny little stars
G DDance around in front of her eyes
And he cried on her shoulder As he sat there and told her
Bm A GSad stories and pretty white lies
D And if not for that one indiscretion
GIt would have been an uneventful day
Bm AIf not for that single obsession
G AThings would never have gone that way
G ABut she had one last drink and she didn't think twice
D GIn fact she didn't think at all
G A DMy, my, How far can a little girl fall?
DThey walked out of the bar
She climbed into his car
G DAnd they drove to somewhere deep in the night
DWhere she slipped off her ring
And the rest of her things
Bm A GAnd he switched off the tiny dome light
AShe fell back in his arms without the slightest alarm
D GForgetting everything her mama once said
Bm AAnd just for a moment in the back of her mind
G AA tiny picture come and went in her head
G AOh she remembered a man who was waiting at home
D GAnd a baby barely learning to crawl
G A DMy, my, How far can a little girl fall?
Bm AAt six fifteen the baby woke up at home
G DAnd the crying shook her daddy awake
Bm AAt a quarter to seven he made the decision
G A BHe thought he'd never have to make
EThen at eight forty-five that girl came back to life
A EIn the back seat of a fancy car
ETo a world of disgrace and a smile on the face
C#m B AOf some stranger from a downtown bar
A BAt nine o'clock she put the key in the lock
E AJust a little too late to explain
C#m BBut she took one minute more before she opened the door
A BShe went over her story again
A BWell the child and the man were both long long gone
E AAnd the note said "Goodbye" and that's all
A B EMy, my, How far can a little girl fall?
A B EOh-O-O-Oh My, my, How far can a little girl fall?
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