Terry Taylor – Olley Oxen Free tab

Left handed
Terry Scott Taylor
Olley Oxen Free
(from Imaginarium, CD1)

G D7 C7 Em Am D G7e|-3-----0--0--0--2--1-|B|-0--3--1--0--1--3--0-|G|-0--5--3--0--2--2--0-|D|-0--4--2--2--2--0--0-|A|-2--5--3--2--0-----2-|E|-3--------0--------3-|
intro: G D7 C7 G D7 C7 mmm mmmmm mmm mmmmm G D7 C7 G C7 G mmm mmmmm mmmmmm G C7 Homina budda budda budda G C7 Homina budda boo G C7 Homina budda budda budda G C7 G Homina budda boo Em Olley olley olley olley olley he he Am heeeeee...... Em olley olley oleey olley olley (oxen free) Am D he he he I usually play the bassline in the end of the "chorus":
D G C7e|-2-------------|-----3-------3-------0-------0---|B|-3-------------|-----0-------0-------1-------1---|G|-2-------------|-----0-------0-------3-------3---|D|-0-------------|-----0-------0-------2-------2---| and so on...A|-----3---2---0-|-----------------3-------3-------|E|---------------|-3-------3-----------------------| he... Homina budda budda budda
ending: G7 Oooooooooo........... ---- tab by Pash237
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