Modern Day Cowboy tab with lyrics by Tesla for guitar @ Guitaretab

Tesla – Modern Day Cowboy tab

Tabbed by:RockGodAtlas

Tuning: Standard

hey this is my first tab.
when i first heard this song i was blown away 
cuz i thought it would b a country song.  
i HAD to learn it, so i came here, and found the tabs for it.

that was a year ago.  since then i have become much better at the song- i
play it almost everytime i pick up a guitar haha.
but ive found out recently that the tabs i found are either wrong, or my way sounds more right.
i think these notes are right, so here they come.

Guitar I:  Frank Hannon
Guitar II:  Tommy Skeoch

I e|-----------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------2---------------------------------| G|-------------------------2---------------------------------| D|-------------------3-5-7-2---------------------------------| A|-------3-5-7-3-5-7-------0_________sustain__________-------| E|-3-5-7-------------------x---------------------------------|[repeat]
II e|-----------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------2---------------------------------| G|-------------------------2------5--5--5-----7--7--7--------| D|-------------------------2------3--2--3-----5--4--5--------| A|-------------------------0---------------0-----------------| E|-------------------------x---------------------------------|[repeat]
| / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note =============================================================================== that wasn't as hard as i'd thought it'd be. trust me its alot easier than playing it! haha what i like about this song is that (with the exeption of the solo) it can all be played by one guitarist. i played this song solo so many times...
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