Testeagles - Turn That Shit Up tab

Song : Turn That Shit Up
Artist : Testeagles
Album : Non-Comprehendus

Tuning: Dropped D

Sick Main Riff!!

e ---------------------------------------------b ------------4--------------------------------g ---------------------------------------------d --0-1-0-1-------0-1-0-1-0--------------------a --0-1-0-1-------0-1-0-1-0--------------------D --0-1-0-1-------0-1-0-1-0--------------------
"We Swear From Here On.."
e ---------------------------------------------------b ---------------------------------------------------g ---------------------------------------------------d ----7---8--------10---10----7---8--------10--------a --5---6---5-6--8----8-----5---6---5-6--8-----------D ---------------------------------------------8--7--
Cool Adelaide Band!
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