Texas Lightning - Over The Mountains tab

D                         em   A                      D
Southern winds on runway three I can hear the engines calling
                     em   A                          D
Like an arrow flying free and the rain just keeps on falling
                          em     A                         D
And the tremblin´ asphalt shines like a knife she cuts the silence
                           em     A            D       
Till she takes off and she glides on to the horizon.

         G         A                     D     
Over the mountains freedom´s more than a word in the wind
All the sorrows your heart held in fear 
A                    D  
Left behind now they all disappear
G                      D 
And whatever seemed so mighty and tall
A                  D
Ain´t so big after all.

                         em   A                           D 
Here I´m standing in the haze I can hear the clouds she´s climbing
                         em   A                       D
As her tail light´s fade away till my eyes no longer find ´em
                      em    A                      D
There´s the echo of a sound hear it humming in the distance
                          em   A         D
Like she´s calling out my name I have no resistance.


*Solo (Chorus instrumental)

                      em    A                     D 
Now it´s silent everywhere rain is creepin´ in my shoes and
                      em  A                    D
I smell coffee in the air realize that I could use one
                       em  A                    D
And where ever she may fly wonders of the world unravel
                        em   A                 D
Over hills and trees so high that´s where I´ll travel.

Chorus (2x)
and fade out
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