Thaddeus Dale Johnson - Shadowboxer chords

DYou got a face
AOnly a mother could love
CGot a bad handle
GBut it fits just like a glove
DBorn with a mean streak
AIt’s a chip off the block
CYou fight your shadow
GBut nobody’s every won
DIt’s a one on one
DYou got a scar
AFor every day you’ve been around
CGot a big heart
GAnd sometimes it took you down
AI’ll stand beside you
D Any side you may be on
CBut you fight your shadow
GYou’ll have to do that on your own
DIt’s a one on one
DYou’re getting’ older
AYou’re getting’ wiser for the wear
CYou take it slower
GYou find the time to just be there
DTo smell the flowers
ATake a walk out with your son
CHe fights his shadow
GSomeday you’ll show him if you won
DA little one on one
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