The 241ers – Ronnie Goes To Heaven chords


The 241ers - Ronnie goes to heaven

There's some picking during the song and some alternation on the chords, but I 
think I've got the root chords down so it should be easy enough to follow, you'll 
have to listen to the song to see where the adds, sus, 7ths etc are. Also, there's 
a second guitar with a capo on the fifth fret playing the same chords for if 
you're not playing this one on your own but it would sound great either way.

E COh, Lord, I see a light
GI hear broad gates throwing back their bolts
DFeel arms of welcome open wide
E COh, Lord, the light is so bright
GAnd I don't know what it means
DI don't know what it means
E CIt means rows of shiny fighter jets
G DAnd shelves for Nancy's china sets
E C DBODs and candy jars and war (bloody war)
And so much more
E COh, Lord, you are too good to me
GYour hands are warm and your grip is firm
DYour light is so bright that I can't see
E COh, Lord, is this the promised land?
GI pray that you will lead the way
DAnd hold on tightly to my hand
E CBelieve me, son, I'll hold you tight
G DAnd guide you through the blinding light
E CTo the death of all the union shops
G DAnd a noose for Mikhail Gorbachev
E C G D Our streets are free from pesky beggars
E C G DYou'll dine with Marcos and Noriega
E C G D E CYour slickest schemes and your darkest dreams are coming true
G DYou're gonna get what you deserve
E COh, Lord, the light's so bright
GI don't mean to criticize
DBut it's really starting to hurt my eyes
E COh, Lord, your grip is just a little too tight
GIf you could loosen it just a touch
DYou don't have to be so rough
E C G D"Rough," you say? You've made my day
E C G DWait'll you see what's on the way
E C G DWelfare cuts and Contra funding
E C G DGonna learn you, boy, about pain and suffering
G D COh no, what's happening?
G D CNo, no, it's all a bad dream
G D CMy God, what have I done?
E DSomething has gone wrong
G D CYes, yes, it's all as planned
G D CRon my boy you are now a man
G D CYou'll learn and burn anew each day
E DTo the deepest rungs away
EAnd Heaven's grace may trickle down someday
COh, Lord, how could I have been so wrong?
G DMy father weren't you with me all along?
E COh, Lord, I want to go back
GPurge memory kill history
DDream unilateral attack
E CHush, my son, you have done me so proud
GSmiling simpering sold my bag
DAcross your nation raised my flag
E CMy son, now off to bed with you
GI'll wake you when the others have arrived
It won't be long now
E C G DThey will follow you
They will follow you
E CHello, John Paul, it's been too long
G DIt's really great that you've come along
They will follow you
E CMr. Falwell, what a surprise
G DSettle in and dry your eyes
They will follow you
E CMaggie, Henry, Mommy dear
G D EWelcome home, there's room for many more
e B 0 4 0 G 1 3 3 1 D A E 4
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