The 6ths - As You Turn To Go tab

As you turn to go

Stephen Merritt and the 6ths w/Momus

Capo 2

Intro: A

A                           E
Let the camera linger on your perfect skin
Your widows peak and your lucky grin
And the bluest eyes I know
 Dsus2          A
As you turn to go

Let there be a record of your gorgeous voice
The turn of phrase that filled my days with joy
Something like Bing singing soft and low
As you turn to go

 D             A                      E      
I know I`m not supposed to say I`m sorry
 D               A                        E
I know you`ve had more loves than Mata Hari
 D                   A                       E
But you know you`re the star of my life story
And I`m so sorry

Let the poets struggle to describe your heart
Your art of love and your love of art
Well, if you ever loved me
Tell me so
As you turn to go
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