The Acacia Strain - Brown Noise tab

Band:The Acacia Strain
Song:"Brown Noise"
Label:Prosthetic Records

I Know Random Parts To This Song, But I Don't Know What I Am Doing.
I'll Try And Tab The Intro, It's A Sick Part Of The Song.
Maybe I'll Tab As Much As I Know Another Time..

Any Questions Or Comments?-

The Guitars Are Tuned In A#

. Palm Mute
h Hammer On
p Pull Off

(Intro)|-----------||-----------||-----------||-----------||-0---------||-0---------| Listen To The Song, Play Open Strings For 25 Seconds
(Intro Continued) 0:26|--------------------------------|---------------------------------||--------------------------------|---------------------------------||--------------------------------|---------------------------------||--------------------------------|---------------------------------||-------------------------0-0-0-0|--------------0-0-7h8p7-5-5------||-3h5-5h7-7h8-3h5-5h7-7h8-0-0-0-0|-3h5-5h7-7h8--0-0--------8-8-7-8-| . . . . . .
(Intro Continued)0:31|-------------------------------|---------------------------------||-------------------------------|---------------------------------||-------------------------------|---------------------------------||-------------------------------|---------------------------------||-------------------------0-0-0-|--------------0-0-7h8p7-5-5------||-3h5-5h7-7h8-3h5-5h7-7h8-0-0-0-|-3h5-5h7-7h8--0-0--------8-8-7-8-| . . . . .
Thats About All I Know Of The Intro To This Song, It's Pretty Fun To Play. Try It Out And Have Fun!
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