The Academy Is – About A Girl chords

Allright, I might be coming out of left field with this version but here goes nothing...

I have 2 progressions I use actually, interchangeably i guess you could say, and the
part and bridge is guess work but at the end of the day mother says it sounds very good
i play it which is all that counts, though i doubt she's ever heard this song =(

So, moving along i guess variation would be a better term to use, and the variation is
to substitute F for Fmaj 7, and C for Em if you please.
below ive tabbed the chord progression for you Fmaj7ophobes, but i prefer to use it,
tab is turning out much like a choose your own adventure, you can use only F or Fmaj 7
the song, and use C or Em with either, except Em might call for some changes in the
im not checking so you have to see for yourself wanna fight about it? you can even
C and Em which id advise because Em would seem kind of sour in the chorus for a starting
i reckon, anyways choose at your own peril it would take some kind of guitar expert to
this song either way. Seriously though folks, feel free to rate, hate, or ask me out on 
date if you are a female between a 10 and an 8, (thats appearance wise,  over 18 years of
of course)

F (or Fmaj 7) GOne song about a girl
C (or Em) AmCan't breathe when I'm around her
F GI'll wait here everyday
C AmIn case she'll scratch the surface
F GShe'll never notice
C/Cmaj7 (A is more accurate but sounds a little out of place keywise )I'm not in love
EmThis is not my heart
F GI'm not gonna waste these words
CAbout a girl
F GTo be loved, to be loved, what more could you ask for?
C AmTo be loved, to be loved, everyone wants to be
F GLoved, to be loved , what more could you ask for?
C AmTo be loved, to be loved, everyone
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