The Academy Is – Days Like Masquerades tab ver. 2

Band: The Academy Is
Song Title: Days Like Masquerades
Album: Lost in Pacific Time EP

(Im submitting this again because I finished tabbing the rest of the song and I 
forgot to sign in the first time I submitted this)
Fun song to play. Everything should be right except for the bridge. Just play around 
the power chords and I'm sure you can get it.
when playing the first part of the verse, you let that chord ring and then rest until 
of the verse and then play the next chord tabbed (the verse is mostly bass). That's about it.

Intro:E------------------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------------------|G-----14---12-12---12-12-12-11-11-11-------------------------|D------x----x--x----x--x--x--x--x--x-------------------------| x2A-----12---10-10---10-10-10--9--9--9-------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse: Pre-Chorus:E----------------| E----------------|B----------------| B----------------|G----------------| G-----5~---------|D-----5~---------| D-----5~---------|A-----5~---------| A-----3~---------|E-----3~---------| E----------------|
Chorus:E------------------------------------------------------------|B-------------7---------5------------------------------------|G-------------7---------5------------------------------------|D--------5----5----2----3------------------------------------| x4A--------5---------2-----------------------------------------|E--------3---------0-----------------------------------------|
Bridge:E------------------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------------------|G-----14---12-12---12-12-12-11-11-11-------------------------|D------x----x--x----x--x--x--x--x--x-------------------------| x2A-----12---10-10---10-10-10--9--9--9-------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------|
E------------------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------------------|G-----14---12-12---12-12-12--5--5--5-------------------------|D------x----x--x----x--x--x--x--x--x-------------------------| x2A-----12---10-10---10-10-10--3--3--3-------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------|
-Chorus -Outro (same as intro) Lyrics: I said, “Hey you, this is me. The idealist inside that holds your love on a string, wound and tied like kites to all your hopes and dreams What a tangled mess that they’ve turned out to be Take a breath, and ask yourself what matters.” Days like masquerades, silent, hiding in the shadows, Stripped of their disguise leave you haunted as you scatter But you’re always on my mind You’re always on my mind When you feel lost out at sea, surrounded by on equal sides the same routine, Becoming what you swore you’d never be Don’t distress, there’s a big bright place if you stay close to me Take a breath, and I’ll show you what matters You’re always on my mind You’re always on my mind Days like masquerades, take a breath and feel what matters Days like masquerades, take a breath and feel what matters Days like masquerades, take a breath and feel what matters Take a breath and feel it
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