The Academy Is – Sputter chords

This is my first tab and I learned it mostly by watching William Beckett play it in 
different videos. Please feel free to contact me with any corrections!

* Indicates to strum once
I dont know the exact names for the chords so Ill just call them accordingly.

G G2Wake up, try on your new disguise
Em2 Would they recognize you anyway? Would they?
G G2Dead leaves fall down beneath your feet
Em2 As you step into the street notice the distance between hearts and homes but still
G3you know its alright
D Em2youre not looking back this time
G3you know its alright
Dyoure stepping on the cracks and you feel fine
G G2 G3Dont waste your breath
Em2* D* G3You wouldnt want this anyway
G D G3And if you did I think Id let you
G G2 G3 Em2* D*
G3Talk this to death, or in circles like were aeroplanes
Em2* D* G3When all along I knew that we would sputter out
G, G2, Em2We would sputter
Repeat the rest of the song using those chords!
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