The Acorn - Oh Napoleon tab

This is my first tab and a minor correction of the first "Oh Napoleon" tab
posted. I transferred the higher notes on the D string to the G and B 
strings to make it a little easier to play. Enjoy... 

 h = Hammer-on
 ~ = Vibrato
 / = Slide

E --------------------------------------------------------------|B --------6------------------------------6----------------------|G ----5h7----5h7-5-----5-------------5h7----5h7-5-----5---------|D -----------------5h7---5~-----------------------5h7---5~------|A --------------------------------------------------------------|E --------------------------------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------|B -----------------------------|G ---5--5-----------5----------|D --------7-5----7----7-5------|A -----------------------------|E -----------------------------|
E ---------------------------------|B ---------------------------------|G -----------5----5h7-5------------|D --3-3-5-7--------------5---3-----|A ---------------------------------|E ---------------------------------|
And Repeat
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