The Afters - You Lift Me Up chords

The Afters - You Lift Me Up

This was tabbed from an acoustic version on YouTube. It hasn't been checked against the 
version yet but it should be quite accurate.

Standard Tuning
Capo 2nd Fret


Guitar 2 (Absolute fret positions, not relative to capo)Intro and Versese|------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------|G|--7-9-9-(x4)-11-9--7-9-9-(x4)-6-7---|D|------------------------------------| x2A|------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------|
GYou lift me up (with Your love)
D/F#You lift me up (with Your love)
EmYou lift me up (with Your love)
CYou lift me up
Verse 1:
G D/F#Waiting for the sun rise, waiting for the day
Em CWaiting for the sign that I'm, where you want me to be
G D/F#You know my heart is heavy, and the hurt is deep
Em CBut when I feel like giving up, You're reminding me
Em D/F# CThat we all fall down some times
Em D/F#When I hit the ground
GYour lift me up when I am weak
D/F#Your arms wrap around me
Em CYour love catches me so I'm letting go
GYou lift me up when I can't see
D/F#Your heart is all that I need
Em CYour love carries me so I'm letting go
Intro Verse 2 I know I'm not perfect, I know I've made mistakes I know that I have let You down, but You love me the same When I'm surrounded (surrounded), when I lose my way (Oh oh) When I'm falling down, I'm crying out, You are here to Chorus Bridge
D/F# EmI can see the dawn is breaking, I am feeling overtaken
C GWith your love, with your love
D/F# EmI don't know what I can offer, in this moment I surrender
CTo your love, to your love
Chorus Intro
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